Unique & Personalizable Gift drop shipping & Fulfillment services

1.Import order automatically.
2.Free new product development.
3.Fast delivery across the world.
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Our Quality Custom Products?

Over 1000+ Unique Products serve your business

Why Choose Customizingbox Fulfillment Service?

1.100+ Customized Brand packaging
Grow your brand with custom labels, custom pack-ins, and promo materials. We have 100+ packages for you to choose, price is reasonable.
2.Over 1000+ Unique Products
1000+ High-quality products,clothes, jewelry, lights, phone cases and more,we can produce everything you need.
3.Free Membership and Best Pricing in the Market
No monthly or upfront fees. And we provide the best pricing in the market, you can make higher margin.
4.Warehousing services
Free Warehousing services,you can store your brand packaging in our warehouse.
5.Multiple shipping options
Customizingbox provide you several efficient way to fulfill each individual order.
6.Import orders automatically
when you get an order,order and customized information will automatically imported into our system

About Our Factory

With CustomizingBox factory production system, we can produce your personalized order within an average of 72 hours.

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