Shipping & Tracking​

How long do you need to process my orders?

we will send out the products from our warehouse to your customers within an average of 72 hours.

Will you put any invoices/receipts/marketing materials in the package?

No, we won't. Please don't worry about this. We will only put your brand custom labels, custom pack-ins, and promo materials if you need.

What is your delivery time?

Normally, the delivery time depends on the shipping method and destination country. For example, if it's YUN Express delivering parcels to the USA, it takes 7 - 14 days.

Which shipping option/ method is the best?

There isn’t a best shipping method but there is a most suitable shipping method according to your preference between shipping time and cost.

Which country do you ship to?

We can ship to most countries, including all the European and American countries, some Middle Eastern countries and African countries, and most Asian countries.

What if packages damaged or lost during the shipment or delivery?

If it is our responsibility, we will resend the product free of charge or refund as per your request. But we don't resend or refund when the parcel is not delivered or lost due to the wrong address or phone number given in the orders or the fact that local post office fails to contact the recipient.

How can I see tracking numbers?

Once we send out the parcels for your orders from our warehouse, CustomizingBox APP will upload the tracking numbers to your Shopify store. You could check them in CustomizingBox and Shopify.

How can I see tracking numbers?

ALL orders are shipped from China.